#83.1 Chew On This Embraces Their Feminine Side: Heidi Moneymaker

We welcome badass stuntwoman and actress, Heidi Moneymaker. As the one the most sought after stuntwomen in Hollywood, you might have seen her work in the Marvel Cinematic Universe as Black Widow and most recently in John Wick 2. She shares her stories from being decorated gymnast at UCLA to her rise to Hollywood badass.

#83.2 Chew On This Embraces Their Feminine Side: Amy Ratcliffe

Amy Ratcliffe, writer, geek and nerd extraordinaire joins us to talk about all things nerd. Not only is she a talented writer but like the Chew Crew, she is all for inclusion and diversity. Amy shares her stories about what it’s been like to grow up liking things that supposedly only boys are supposed to like.

#83.3 Chew On This Embraces Their Feminine Side: Sarah Kuhn

Nerd and talented author, Sarah Kuhn shares her stories and inspiration for one of the few female Asian superhero books, Heroine Complex. Her new book, Heroine Worship, comes out this summer and we can’t wait to read it.